Friday, September 30, 2011

VybeMode's Dubstep

Wut up everyone, after the recent blog exposure i got thanks to fellow artist Dashius Clay i figured id release my dubstep onto the Livecast. I wanna thank everyone giving me a chance to share my music i appreciate it more then u guys will ever know. So its time to Vybe chall goons i got 3 tracks previously released and one only a hand full of people have heard i hope u guys like it

Vybemode - Dubstreet Party

She Will (Vybemode Dubstep remix)

Dashius Clay - Immortal (Vybemode Dubstep remix)


Vybemode - Fuck Raiban

hope yall like the new tune as well as the others quick shout outs to B.o.E, GoMCg, Miami Live Cast, Monsters Inc, and the whole 305 yuh GET OFF MY CLOUD!!!!

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