Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free ticket contest to see BARE Oct. 28th!!

Enter our free ticket give-away contest through Facebook to win two free tickets to see BARE live at The Fillmore in Miami Beach October 28th!! He will also be joined by Juan Basshead + MC Jumanji, Caligula, Reptile, Deranged, Jason Daniel, Tripp, Zaixon and Anywhere. This is going to be a huuuuge event! (**Don't forget to "Like" and add our Fan Page and Profile so you can tag us to be entered**)
Facebook event page- Click Here

With BARE in the spotlight for this crazy event at the Fillmore, we have provided you with a Dj Mix from the Grizzly himself with some of his popular tracks for free to download as well!

Tracklist -
(1) VOL. 1 INTRO (2) Numbernin6 - Garbage (3) SPL - Stick Em (Bare Remix) (4) Downlink - Antimatter (5) Mark Instinct - Disco Shit (6) Mark Instinct - 15Karat (Bare Remix) (7) Muffler - Gangwarz (8) SPL & Triage - Valhalla (9) DaVIP - Ignition (Bare Noize Remix) (10) Mark Instinct Ft. Skyla J &OZ - Go In Peace (11) Bare - Rocks (12) Itchy Robot - Tic Toc (Remix) (13) Bare - Rukkuz (14) Jakes - Warface (2010 Remix) (15) Bare - Bite (16) 6Blocc - Passing Me By (Remix) (17) Funtcase - Takin The Piss (18) Mark Instinct - Gngstr (19) Paul Harris Vs. Eurythmics - I Want You (Bare Remix) (20) Bare - Spray Em (21) WTF?! Ft. Dead Prez - Its Bigger Than Hip Hop UK

Free Tracks to download!:
Bare & Datsik - King Kong (Original Mix)

Bare Ft. Proe - Indica Sativa (Original Mix)

Bare - Rocks (VIP)

Bare - Talon (Original Mix)

Bare - Shot Me Down (Original Mix)

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