Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Member to #TeamLiveCast

What's up everyone my name's Will. I'm a northeast transplant in law and music business school down here. I'd love to get involved with the group anyway I can, either using my law and music business skills or musically. Having grown up in the NYC underground house scene I love all things House, Tech House, Techno, Progressive.... especially that dark after hours sound. I also love trance, but the techier harder sound not so much the lovey dovey 4 synths chords rinse and repeat sound. Here are two sets I performed, one over the summer and one just this past week.. nothing big, just house parties. Love to get your feedback and possibly join one of your shows. Bounce is house and tech housy.. starts off big, gets fun and bouncy and ends kinda dark. The Pipe is Leaking Park 1 is pretty much just big room tech house and techno. Hope you enjoy!

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